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9 Reasons You Should Choose Officetel Golden King


With the convenience and development infrastructure, Saigon South is attracting many real estate investors. A large number of large projects are deployed, creating many opportunities to choose products suitable with the needs of customers. Highlights include the Golden King apartment project in District 7 at Nguyen Luong Bang and Tran Van Tra intersections, currently distributed by Hoang Quan Group.

Golden King is creating fever in the real estate market in Saigon South and this is the 9 reasons to attract investors.


Perspective of Office Penthouse (Officetel) at Golden King

  1. Excellent geographical location

Located at the intersection of Nguyen Luong Bang and Tran Van Tra, Phu My Hung International Commercial and Financial Center, Golden King has inherited the surrounding amenities and convenient transportation system. The most modern infrastructure in the region. From Golden King, customers easily move to Crescent Mall, French International Hospital, Saigon SECC Exhibition Center …

  1. Infrastructure of the most developed area in Saigon South

From now to 2018, the South will invest in building key roads connecting the city center such as Huynh Tan Phat road to 30m connecting with the main road of Nguyen Van Linh. The project of Thu Thiem 4 bridge is 2km long connecting South (District 7) with East (District 2), project of metro line 4, tunnel system, overpass at Nguyen Van Linh – Nguyen Huu Tho crossroads. Utilities such as RMIT University, PV Hospital, VivoCity, Crescent Mall, SECC Exhibition Center … will bring the modern and vibrant lifestyle of Saigon South in general and Golden King in particular.

  1. The project is ready for use in the fourth quarter of 2017

Golden King is the owner of modern technology and equipment in construction and operation. When put into use, the project is equipped with 24/24 surveillance cameras, magnetic card system, professional security team … Customers will enjoy the best service at Golden King.

  1. Living environment in the intellectual neighborhood

The advantage of Golden King is located right at the heart of Phu My Hung, which is known as the capital of South Saigon. With the existing facilities, development infrastructure, Saigon South is preferred as a place to live, work of the majority of knowledge, business people, professionals, office workers and also gender. artist. This is a favorable condition for building a modern, civilized and dynamic life.

  1. Extremely advantageous interior

Golden King is a mixed-use complex comprising of Retail – Office – Officetel, Geographic location, Residential, Golden King 5 floors for Trade Center. This is the focus of famous brands in the world. Residents, office workers working here are not far away can still find the brand themselves at the Golden King.

  1. Meet the demand to buy the current office apartment

The trend of investment in real estate for rent is becoming a popular investment channel and is becoming popular, especially in the segment of apartments and high-grade apartments. With the emergence of this type of office apartment (officetel), this model quickly becomes a potential and attractive product with many opportunities such as profitable investment, can rent or a place to live – work – entertainment “combination. According to the survey, many young business owners in Vietnam are aiming to rent office apartments (officetel) as well as office space to meet the needs of newly established enterprises. great. Meanwhile, foreign business owners from other Asian countries, Europe … are also targeting this type of apartment to open representative office in Vietnam.

  1. High profit opportunity

Experts from CBRE said that the price of apartments in the center of HCM City now only increases but can not reduce or even increase prices by up to 45%, of which the trend of increasing prices of apartments. Officetel is ranked first. Therefore, investment in officetel is currently the best option.

  1. Investors commit to profitability

In addition to the favorable geographical location, utility services neighborhood, Golden King is also offered with the policy of engaging attractive profits for customers. Accordingly, only from 1.7 billion, customers have owned apartments in Golden King. At the same time, customers are also entitled to a 50% / 5 year profit sharing plan with investors, dividends of 80% with the investor from the 6th year onwards, or a discount of up to 15% to customers when signed a contract to buy apartments in Golden King.

  1. Opportunity to own car to Mescerdes C250

From now on, when customers register to buy products at Golden King will have the opportunity to draw lots of attractive gifts from investors. Especially the Mecerdes C250 car worth 2.5 billion. In addition, there are opportunities to own other valuable awards such as Honda SH car, luxury furniture, Iphone7

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