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Golden King – Good news for startups thanks to 2 in 1 benefits


Golden King is a project of real estate type Officetel (office apartment). This is a segment of real estate has created a wave of buyers in the past few years thanks to high liquidity, stable profit and low mail head. Officetel more and more investors thanks to the combination of features, utility, meet the needs of the modern rhythm, but the price is good money. Located at the favorable location […]

Golden King handed over the apartment in the third quarter


The items of the Golden King project have been completed more than 90% and are speeding up to timely deliver the house as planned. Located in the heart of Phu My Hung International Financial Center (District 7, HCMC), Golden King is a 21-storey office-officetel apartment complex, a mezzanine and two basements. The building has a total construction area of 40,723 square meters, located near Crescent Mall, French International Hospital, Saigon […]

7 Investment advantages at Officetel Golden King project


(PLO)-The project is attracting many investors and foreign visitors in Phu My Hung, converging the advantages of position, utility, design, commitment to sustainable profitability. Good location for trade Golden King is located at 15 Nguyen Luong Bang Street and owns the focal point in Phu My Hung urban area, District 7, which is named as the International Commercial and Financial Center in Ho Chi Minh City. The project owns three […]

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