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Investment Trends Officetel Apartment in Saigon South


Officetel model is no longer strange in the world. This is the type of real estate that combines apartments and offices. This is convenient for small businesses, representative offices, start-up companies … In Vietnam, in recent years, officetel model is blooming and many customers welcome.

Office apartment throne

First launched in Korea in 1985, the type of office apartment (officetel) quickly attracted the attention of the architects of that time. After that, this type of apartment has quickly appeared in major cities in the world as well as Vietnam is no exception that typically in big cities like Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang, Da Nang …

Officetel apartment area is currently about 30-50m2, modern and comfortable design for young family, small and medium enterprises, representative offices of foreign companies, full convergence of services. services, utility area … is the attraction of investors.


Officetel is also considered as the most liquid real estate in the market by the advantage of easy to buy, easy to sell, easy to lease, help investors turn the capital faster and achieve profitability. good.

Between the assessment criteria set by investors and customers, Officetel Golden King is a prominent name when it fully meets the determinants of profitability.

Located on the front of Nguyen Luong Bang Street and Tran Van Tra Street, Phu My Hung International Financial and Financial Center, Golden King has inherited the surrounding amenities and convenient transportation system. along with the most modern infrastructure in the area. From Golden King, customers can easily move to Crescent Mall, French International Hospital, Saigon SECC Exhibition Center …

With the inheritance of complete infrastructure, synchronous facilities in Phu My Hung center, Golden King officetel is invested by the owner of modern technology, equipment and technology to accelerate the exam. public.

According to information from project investors, Golden King has completed 90%, ready to put into use in 4/2017. Customers can visit, experience model apartments right at Golden King project to feel the utility and modernity of officetel.

In addition, the investor of the project – Real Estate Development Company Indochina, said that Officetel Golden King is managed by Savills – a professional real estate management in the world.

Officetel – profitable investment

Officetel Golden King fully meets the requirements of a comfortable apartment and modern office. In addition to the favorable geographical location, utility services vicinity, Golden King is also offered with the policy of commitment to profit for customers.

Accordingly, with prices from more than 1.8 billion, customers already own apartments in Golden King. At the same time, customers are also entitled to a 10% profit margin from the investor (within 5 years), 80% profit sharing with the owner from the 6th year onwards, or discount up to 15% when customers sign a contract to buy an apartment in Golden King.

Besides, the customers also participated in the Mercedes C250 lottery program worth 1.7 billion and many other awards. The total value of the prize is up to 3 billion VND.

Owner Golden King committed to profit 10% per year for the first five years showing profitability from this product. This commitment from the owner is based on the fact that Golden King is located in the prime geographic location, the leading offshore development services area in Saigon South where business enterprises, living, wave of real estate is moving south to the trend and real demand …

These are the prerequisites that make up the real value of the Golden King that investors have seen when deciding to invest in this project.


Dong Duong Real Estate Development and Investment Joint Stock Company
Address: 15 Nguyen Luong Bang, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Website: http://goldenking.com.vn
Hotline: 0901 277 977

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