Although also affected by the Covid 19 epidemic, the markets of Can Tho, Long An, Kien Giang… started to be active again in the third quarter of 2020.


According to the Vietnam Real Estate Brokerage Association, after the Government approved the investment of a series of new highways and bridges connecting Ho Chi Minh City and shortening the distance, the time to the Western provinces created excitement for real estate market in some provinces in the Mekong Delta.

Specifically, in Can Tho, where the real estate market was quiet from the beginning of the year to the end of July 2020, although it was also affected by the Covid 19 translation, the real estate market in Can Tho was back active again.

Projects with good investment, completed infrastructure and full legal status (with red book) are interested by investors and have strong transactions. The supply to the market is about 500 land products, consumption is 65%. Projects near the city center, near the big road, have an average price of 40-60 million VND / m2. The project is located in the inner layer, adjacent to Small Lo with the price from 19 – 30 million VND / m2. This price increase is about 7% compared to 2019.

In Long An, this is a province intersecting with Ho Chi Minh City, it has inherited a very strong investment in infrastructure development. Real estate projects here are especially interested by investors. However, due to epidemics, consumption is slow, and projects only achieve an average absorption rate of about 20%.

Some projects have good potential, with prices ranging from 21 – 26 million VND / m2. Other areas in the province have an average price of 13-15 million VND / m2

In Phu Quoc, Kien Giang: After the Government and Kien Giang province agreed on the policy of raising Phu Quoc city, the city has been generating strong interest again from investors. Currently, Meyhomes Capital Phu Quoc is preparing to continue to launch new products with about 1,400 Shophouse, townhouses, villas …

Urban real estate here is quickly becoming the focus of investment attraction because of the long-term ownership red book, legal urban land transactions are clearly prioritized by investors. Shophouse transactions at Grand World Phu Quoc project are hot spots in the third quarter of 2020 with many preferential sales policies.

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