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Golden King is a project of real estate type Officetel (office apartment). This is a segment of real estate has created a wave of buyers in the past few years thanks to high liquidity, stable profit and low mail head.

Officetel more and more investors thanks to the combination of features, utility, meet the needs of the modern rhythm, but the price is good money.

Located at the favorable location of the high knowledge residential area of Phu My Hung – Golden King is currently the project attracted much attention of investors thanks to its high liquidity and stable financial potential. investor.

Officetel – many add-ons

The leading edge of real estate offictel is the combination of benefits – double benefits. According to many reliable sources, the offictel was first developed from Korea, then spread to many countries around the world. This is also a popular type of real estate in the West for a long time. Offictel is a combination of office and residence, bringing together benefits. Apartment owners can integrate work and sleep in a high-end living space, save significant living expenses and solve traffic problems, save time.

Next, offictel projects are often located in the center. Residents can easily move to other outlying facilities in the city center. This can have a positive impact on business processes and operations of the business.

The advantages that offictel bring to the enterprise, especially the small and medium enterprises, start-up companies or foreign companies want to set up offices in Vietnam. This is clearly a type of real estate that is able to help investors save costs, fit the lifestyle and rhythm of economic development.

Golden King focal point Officetel attracted at Phu My Hung

Golden King project is located in the heart of Phu My Hung – at the intersection of Nguyen Luong Bang and Tran Van Tra, Phu My Hung International Financial Center. From here, residents easily move to Crescent Mall, French International Hospital, Saigon Exhibition Center SECC, …

The 21-storey Golden King project, a mezzanine and 2 basements with a total construction area of 40,723m² with 354 apartments are designed and built in the form of officetel (office apartment). Particularly, in addition to the conference room with the capacity of less than 300 guests arranged at the 5th floor, the building also has nine spacious and modern meeting rooms to meet the needs of meeting partners, staff meetings, working group…

In addition, Golden King also has a bright spot that spans the entire 5 floors for commercial and leisure activities. This is a place where many famous and world-class brands are converged, with rich brands such as cosmetics, costumes, jewelry, accessories, sports equipment, home appliances, electronics.

Golden King - Tin vui cho giới khởi nghiệp nhờ lợi ích 2 trong 1 - Ảnh 1.

Customers visit the official site of the Golden King Project Officetel.

With these advantages, Golden King will become the ideal choice and optimal financing for small and medium enterprises, startup units and offices of foreign companies located in Vietnam.

Ideal returns and high liquidity

High liquidity, profitability, cost savings and multiple benefits can make Golden King the right choice for domestic and foreign businesses. In addition, the project will also invest in the development of more commercial real estate, increasing the choice for investors.

Golden King is an ideal choice to match the rhythm of the times and economic development. Only from VND1.8 billion, customers now own a modern office apartment in Golden King. The project also carries the typical internal facilities of the officetel project such as: 24-hour surveillance camera, magnetic card system, conference room, restaurant, park, gym …. The Golden King project will be handed over in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The Golden King project is invested and developed by Dong Duong Real Estate Development and Investment JSC, a unit of financial potential, investing in the real estate segment such as officetel, condontel, any With the potential of convenient location, convenience inside and outside the area, especially the real value of the product of the era, Golden King is the project possesses the advantages to Confidence in future growth.

For more information, contact:

Dong Duong Real Estate Development and Investment Joint Stock Company
Address: 15 Nguyen Luong Bang, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 08 9669 1515

Website: https://goldenking.com.vn



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