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Recently, the HCMC People’s Committee approved the proposal to add the type of office apartment (officetel) into the planning of the Golden King project.

Officetel is a combination of housing, hotels and offices. Officetel attracts the attention of many small and medium enterprises, the startup community … have the need to rent office apartments, offices as representative offices. , experts said.

Since the 2014 Housing Act went into effect, apartments are not allowed to be registered as office. This has facilitated officetel development. For example, some large enterprises in the field of real estate have developed a series of projects with officetel and good absorption.

Explaining for this, analysts, officetel not only have advantages in terms of functions, location, convenience, business convenience, customer reception, reasonable rental rates, but also liquidity A good, to help investors turn around fast and make a profit. In addition, the choice of officetel also help business owners, investors are not dependent on the increase in office rent or changes in the real estate market.

Many officetel projects have legal transparency

For the officetel model to continue to develop, many ideas in the planning including design standards, construction infrastructure …. has been proposed. At the same time, the authorities at all levels have also considered permitting the conversion of officetel constructions for several projects in the big cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Recently, the People’s Committee of HCMC has signed a decision approving the Dong Duong Real Estate Development and Investment Joint Stock Company to convert some of the functions of the Golden King office building project into a 15-storey building. Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC.

Specifically, the HCMC People’s Committee approved the proposal to add the type of office apartment (officetel) with office function combined short stay into the planning of the Golden King project.

Golden King – one of the prominent officetel projects in HCMC

With the approval of the conversion of the building, the investor has confirmed that customers wishing to buy officetel at Golden King will be guaranteed the sovereign right and be allowed to mortgage their loans. Besides, with legal transparency, the transfer will be easier and clearer.

Possessing prime location, legal clarity, high-end complex including Office, Retail, Office Officetel. The project attracted the attention of many small businesses, startup businesses, as well as foreign companies want to set up representative offices in Vietnam.

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Golden King is located in Phu My Hung financial center, District 7.

Golden King is located on 3 sides of 15 Nguyen Luong Bang Avenue in Phu My Hung International Financial Center. Thanks to location advantages, project residents have inherited the utility services outside the area, transportation system and modern infrastructure.

From here, residents only take 5-10 minutes to move to Crescent Mall, French International Hospital, Saigon SECC Exhibition Center …

Besides the prime location, Golden King is also a combination of fine design and high application. Officetel apartments vary in size ranging from 31m2 to 253m2 in order to optimize their functionality and ensure that they provide a variety of amenities suitable for living in a dynamic space.


Modern design and optimal performance is the highlight of officetel Golden King Phu My Hung.

In addition, the Golden King is designed for 5-storey commercial center. This is the place where converging famous brands in the country and in the world, where the activities of shopping, entertainment, entertainment, food … bring the service resonance utility to meet the demand. live – work – entertain the residents.

Representative of investment project – Dong Duong Real Estate Development Joint Stock Company, Golden King has completed 90%, ready to put into use in the second quarter. Currently the project is offered with the policy of engaging attractive profits for customers.

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