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With an investment of just VND1.8 billion, the owner can use or rent for $ 15-20 million per month, a quick payback point plus the added value of the product. This is one of the advantages that officetel (office apartment) is the segment of real estate is attracting domestic and foreign investors interest.

As the economy becomes more vibrant and prosperous, the demand for office property also increases. With high liquidity, easy to rent and stable prices, the segment of office real estate is becoming a hot segment targeted by many investors.

According to a survey by TNR Holdings, real estate officetel is targeted by many real estate developers in the country to provide for many foreign companies to set up offices / offices in Vietnam. According to a report published last year by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Vietnam, this type of growth is strong and will continue to break through in the coming years. According to specific figures, the 2014 officetel supply was only under 600 units, but by the third quarter of 2017 it had increased 14 times, with more than 40 projects and total cumulative reach of 8,433 products.

Many benefits when investing Officetel

Why Officetel – a new investment channel can be “do the wind” on the office real estate market, can point to a number of advantages such as:

The first is the combination of office and boarding, optimizing the benefits for small and medium enterprises. In addition to providing work space with private pathway, reception hall, meeting room, specialized elevator system, …, officetel also combine to bring the bedroom, kitchen, dining area designed. neat, modern. This is a “unique” advantage when officetel is bred between two types of real estate.

Second, explaining the future boom of officetel, according to the Housing Act 2014 (effective July 1, 2015), prohibits the use of apartments for non-residential purposes. . So the switch to officetel is the type that can meet the needs of both work and stay of customers is a great alternative.

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Third, in addition to reasonable space, many facilities and affordable (only from 1.8 billion) officetel also functions as a residence. This attracts small and medium businesses, especially startup businesses to save costs. In the situation of real estate office as scarce as the current, the problem of paying for office / warehouse is difficult for many businesses. According to information from CBRE, in 2017, the real estate market for renting scarce supplies, the more scarce due to the increase in supply is not significant but the number of enterprises increased 110,000 enterprises only in the medium year by.

According to Le Minh, director of a technology startup, the price of real estate office in the center of HCM City continuously escalates, so the company intends to move the office location to the coastal area or suburb. But these areas are expensive, but they do not meet the quality of service requirements.

Golden King is a high grade office building that can meet all the criteria of a business and owns a very favorable location in the heart of District 7. The project is located in the heart of Phu My Hung, At the intersection of Nguyen Luong Bang and Tran Van Tra street, Phu My Hung international financial center. Golden King is in the process of completion and ready to hand in the fourth quarter of 2018. The building offers many amenities such as: 24-hour surveillance camera, magnetic card system, meeting room, restaurant, park, gym, …

Golden King – the golden time to invest in Officetel

CBRE forecasts that the office leasing market in 2018-2020 will continue to grow. The rapid increase prices make many businesses look to the type of officetel – the type of optimization benefits at affordable prices.

Only from VND1.8 billion, the customer already owns an office apartment in Golden King. In particular, the project is guaranteed to operate and operate by Colliers International in Vietnam. It is a member of Colliers International, a leading real estate services company with more than 15,000 professionals in 480 offices in 61 countries. Colliers International is also a subsidiary of FirstService Corporation with strong financial backing. According to Lipsey’s annual survey, this is the second largest real estate service company in the world. Colliers International in Vietnam is the management unit for large buildings in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi such as: Deustches Haus, M Plaza, EVN, …golden-king-1538998524

The signing ceremony of Golden King Real Estate Project Management Consultancy between Dong Duong Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company and D & P Real Estate Services Co., Ltd

According to David Jackson – General Director of Colliers International in Vietnam, “Golden King is a real estate product in the Officetel segment in District 7 and is attracting a lot of attention of customers. By its capacity and experience, Colliers International is confident to bring Golden King professional service to international standards. “

Contact us for more information:

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