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In the context of the second wave of covid-19 outbreaks, the real estate market is witnessing the cash flow of investors turning into two directions. The first cash flow of small and inexperienced investors is waiting for the market to recover. Use the second money from experienced investors to catch the bottom of the real estate right from the difficult time.


The Covid-19 translation has been continuously complicated, making it difficult for the whole economy and the real estate market to be affected by the epidemic. However, most market experts have the same opinion, the real estate market will receive many favorable pushes to restart after the translation. Real estate will soon prosper and it is difficult to have a deep discount.

Commenting on this trend, experts said that normally, when facing difficulties, people are afraid to “loosen their money”. However, the difficulty rarely lasts forever, it only reaches a certain level and stops and tends to get better again. Elite investors will see opportunities from within. Investors of small investors, not very experienced and real buyers will wait for a clearer recovery to return to the market.

Commenting on investor trends, Mr. Ha Van Thien, Deputy General Director of Tran Anh Group Real Estate Group once said that the reality has been verified through the real estate crises in the previous period, large profits are only for Those who know to seize opportunities from within. Investor with careful research and investigation will not only find a good direction, but also create an opportunity to get outstanding profits from good products, clear legal from reputable investors. , juridical.

Sharing the same opinion with Mr. Thien, Mr. Pham Thanh Hung, Vice Chairman of Cen Group, also said that like many other economic sectors, real estate is affected by Covid-19’s influence. However, the market only slowed down without any decline. In the long term, in the next 3-10 years, Vietnam will reach the golden stage of the real estate market. That is the time when the basic needs have been met and people will have a good accumulation to be able to invest and improve their quality of life. Investors need to be quick before the market establishes a new price level.

“Currently, the real estate market is entering a new normal period and only for medium and long-term investors, there is no chance of“ surfing ”. Some niche markets such as projects located in areas with infrastructure planning, in urban areas with full facilities, real estate in industrial zones, logistics have good growth potential ”, Vice Chairman of Cen Group positive.

Also assessing that real estate prices will increase sharply in the medium and long term, Mr. Duong Duc Hien – Former Director of Sales Department Savills Vietnam affirmed: “Reality proves that, in the past 40 years, real estate prices have not been once. reduction. Although there are times of ups and downs, but in the long term, real estate prices always go up over time due to 4 main reasons. First, the population is always increasing but the land is not expanding. Second, housing demand is always an urgent need of people. Third, the psychology of wealth is deeply rooted in the subconscious of Vietnamese people. Fourth, the cost related to land is on the rise.

“We can see that in difficult economic times, many projects still have good liquidity. I still advise investors that, only aim at medium or long term investment. Unfortunately, the psychology of Vietnamese investors today still likes short-term investments, surfing and forgetting that, in order to gain high profits from real estate, they must invest in long-term ”.

According to experts, the difficulties of 2020 will contribute to market purification, which is a premise for sustainable development in the following years. The market will open up opportunities for investors, real estate buyers to own standard legal real estate and reputable investors. The market’s challenge is temporary in the short term, while opportunities lie in the long term. The golden phase of Vietnam’s real estate market will lie in the next three years when the whole economy recovers strongly after the epidemic is under control. Real estate transactions will explode as both supply and demand are constrained by epidemics and bottlenecks in project approval. And as soon as the real estate market recovers, it will establish a new price level.

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