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Many experts have said that the wave of start-ups will be the main factor for the boom in the next few years.

Startup and officetel – Mutual relationship

Never before has the startup boomed and developed so strongly in Vietnam. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the country currently has more than 3000 startup businesses. This number has outperformed some of the major regional countries such as Indonesia (2,100 companies) or China (2,300 companies). This can be seen as a sign that startup is still a strong development trend in the country and still able to maintain the heat thanks to many “unbeaten” advantages.

The impact and pace of development of many startup businesses has generated a great demand for office space, warehouses. What’s more, most startups have the need to find a small office space, full amenities and affordable prices because of limited finance. This cause has led many experts in the real estate industry that officetel – “hybrid child” double utility will become the solution chosen by many young businesses are office work.

Officetel – More benefits in one cost

With a flexible design and the ability to use both functions: working and living, affordable servetel apartments are very popular among start-ups. This is a solution that is considered very economical and suitable for the lifestyle of young people.

Along with the development of the economy and society, the current “yellow gold” situation, renting office space in buildings, buildings … is not easy with a startup. For a startup, the financial problem is always a problem.

A typical example is a young after 5 years working in the food industry, Le Cuong has decided to start his own company development related to the supply of traditional food. To facilitate the process of traveling as well as receiving goods, Le Cuong and a group of friends began to set up offices in District 7. Although not located in the central district 1 or 3, but the price in District 7 It is not cheap, especially in developed areas such as Phu My Hung.

If you rent an office in Phu My Hung, Le Cuong’s company must pay between 400,000 and 500,000 / m² for an office. Including electricity and water is nearly 20 million per month. According to this calculation, if you buy officetel, it will be more economical.

At the price of 1.8 billion VND for a 35m² apartment, not to mention the office space of officetel, an officetel apartment can be used for 50 years. Meanwhile, with normal office, if paying 1.8 billion, Le Cuong’s company only maintains office leasing nearly 9 years. Not to mention that annual rents will increase.

Living space is also not advantage of officetel. This is the advantage many startups make. With financially limited, flexible working “regardless of day and night” of new businesses, resting space in the office will help owners save much on accommodation expenses. Built-in space and living space also help startup businesses save time and travel costs, optimize benefits and increase competitive advantage.

Officetel – A channel of safe investment potential

Not only startup companies, foreign companies are also favored to use officetel to operate their branches in Vietnam. With 2 in 1 utility, officetel offers many economic value and help save costs if the business knows the right financial planning. Thanks to these advantages, officetel is becoming an intelligent and safe investment channel that receives much attention from investors.

Golden King – Officetel project safe and rich potential

As one of the officetel projects in District 7, the Golden King project is considered to be the fastest completed project in the future when it has completed 95% and is scheduled to open for sale at the end of the fourth quarter. now on.

Located in the center of financial international trade Phu My Hung, Golden King is a building with a total construction area of 2.775m², located near Crescent Mall, French International Hospital, exhibition center. Sai Gon SECC … The project owns many internal conveniences such as park, large meeting room, gym, restaurant, 24/24 surveillance camera, magnetic card system …

Golden King is an international standard project invested and developed by Dong Duong Real Estate Development and Investment Joint Stock Company. The project is managed and operated by D & P Real Estate Services Limited under Colliers brand name. International. It is a global investment and real estate management company operating in 69 countries. In addition, the Golden King project is being distributed exclusively by DKRA Vietnam Joint Stock Company, a reputable, professional unit with extensive experience of successfully distributing many real estate segments in the market.

Contact us for more information:

Indochina Real Estate Development Investment Corporation

15 Nguyen Luong Bang St., Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC.

Hotline: 08 9669 1515

Website: www.goldenking.com.vn

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